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OneBlue Real Estate is a full-service residential and commercial real estate company serving all of Central Florida and Tampa founded by top Orlando REALTOR Kevin Johnson. Whether you are searching for your next home, thinking about placing your home for sale or just getting to know the Orlando area, the OneBlue team is here for you! Questions, give OneBlue Real Estate a call at 321-337-0454 or email us a

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Making The Most Of Todays Crop Of Orlando Homes For Sale

Not everyone who is looking at the homes for sale in Orlando needs to come up with a winner right away. If their own house has just been listed, they may reasonably estimate that it will be some

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Top 7 Home Selling Flubs Overs And Unders Version

The reason “Top 7” lists draw such universal attention is their value as time-savers: you can skim down the bold-faced items to spot topics of interest, needing to read further only for those

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Free Events Happening In And Around Orlando 4th Of July Weekend

Hip Hop Hooray, It's Almost Independence Day! Here's a list of free events happening in and around Orlando during the 4th of July weekend! 1. Event Name: Baldwin Park&

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