10 Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Dated: 10/05/2017

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Fall is the best time to get some home maintenance done before the days get a little shorter and a little colder. Although Florida is not known for its "harsh winters' it is still better to take of these sooner rather than later to prevent the possibility of a major and expensive problem in the future. 

Here are 10 home maintenance tips to get you ready for the cooler days ahead! 

1. Clean out the gutters and downspouts to make sure any fallen leaves and debris aren't clogging up the area.

2. Seal the windows and the doors to prevent cool air, rain, and even insects from coming inside. 

3. Finish up yard maintenance by trimming off the dead branches from the trees and bushes. 

4. Inspect the roof to take care of any loose or missing shingles and/or any additional damage. 

5. Check the smoke detectors and replace batteries if needed. 

6. Check the insulation in the attic. 

7. Check and clean out air vents to make sure they are running without any problems.

8. Clean and reverse ceiling fans. Running ceiling fans counter clock wise in the winter will help keep warm air down.  

9. Call a professional to get your heating system checked. 

10. Make sure the water from the gutters going away from the house to prevent damage to the foundation of the house.

Happy Fall Cleaning! 

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