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OneBlue Real Estate is a full-service residential and commercial real estate company serving all of Central Florida and Tampa founded by top Orlando REALTOR Kevin Johnson. Whether you are searching for your next home, thinking about placing your home for sale or just getting to know the Orlando area, the OneBlue team is here for you! Questions, give OneBlue Real Estate a call at 321-337-0454 or email us a

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The 5 Year Tesla Plan

 My 5-year Tesla Plan is fanciful, but based on what could be the situation some Orlando renters can probably relate to. The imaginary 5-year Tesla Plan participant could be any gainfully

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Do Photos Help Your Home Sell

You have heard the expression that a picture is worth 1000 words.  That is certainly true in Real Estate.   Photos of the home can be just as important as curb appeal.   

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What Is The First Step In Home Buying

Home Buying: What is the First Step?Have you been searching through listing after listing, looking for that perfect dream home? And when you finally find it, you discover it has multiple offers

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Jul 26 2017 42405 1

Truth of the matter is professional photography is very important. It may very well be the difference between your home selling within hours to maybe even months. For example, have you

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